WHAT I LOVE: in the month of July


I have had some lovely moments in the month of July with my family. I spent some time looking after my Nephew who is 11. He thinks i am the best Auntie out there because i act silly with him. Plus hes my only Nephew so he feels even more special.

I have seen both my Brother and my Sister, and we usually have takeaway when they come over as its usually of a weekend and bang on tea time (evening meal) so this is usually what i choose .

There is normally a jumbo sausage with my chips but never took a photo without it all covered in mayo and looking not as yummy.

My brothers girls I’ve also seen but both have had chickenpox so not seen them as much over the month as we would have liked.

Lost Weight

I have been on a slow weight loss journey since the end of April and i have lost nearly a stone up to now. I have gone down a dress size and lost a few inches which i am happy about. I don’t deny myself something i want but i try and follow a more healthier way of eating and living.


In England any sunshine is welcomed and i can say we definitely had our share of it as you can see we had 30 degree heat which is quite a scorcher especially because the only air con you generally get here is in your car. The ice lollies were very much appreciated.

Things i bought throughout July

Here are a few of the things i purchased in July

I had a mini fridge about 15 years ago and when it came up on Instagram as something you might like i thought…yes i do like and because of the hot weather i thought perfect edition to my bedroom. i have a few bits of chocolate in there and some sheet face masks. It wasn’t too much either so my purse was happy as well as me.

I am looking at finally getting my scrapbook out and adding more bits so the label maker is a great thing to use for that purpose. There’s also so much more i use it for. Plus its pink.

Whats not to like about it?

When a smart watch is on offer for 40 pounds, pink and a Radley one it was a no brainer. Its only been on my arm a few days so far so good. It does what i want to do. I didn’t want anything too fancy.

What things have made you happy this month?

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H x