A little more about me

In my first post here I wrote about the writer side of me and said I would touch on the pinkaholic side of me too at some point that’s where I got the blog name ‘Words of a pinkaholic ‘ from.

The first time I watched Legally blonde and saw Elle Woods all dressed in pink I was obsessed from then on. How pink made her feel I felt it too. Apart from she was just playing her part in a film. It was real life happiness for me.

When I heard the quote on another one of my favourite films of my teen years ‘On Wednesdays we wear pink’ I was like it doesn’t have to be a Wednesday to wear it bit loved the concept their clique had.

When I’m buying something I must own up that I do have a look if it comes in pink first before looking for it in another colour.

People who know me know me for my love of pink and being girly. I mean I’m not overpowering with it. For instance today I am wearing a black and white polka-dot dress with a pink Alice band.

Here’s a song to end today off with from the very talented Pink…

In my next post I’m gonna write all about the things that’s made me happy this July

Hope you’ve had a lovely week so far, I have but its been sooo hot here in England , too hot to enjoy it properly.

Thanks for stopping by

Til next time

H x

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