Sometimes you need to change things in order to be a happier you. If things aren’t feeling the way you envisioned then you know what you got to do…if you don’t here’s some points to take note of

  • More rest
  • More self love
  • More letting go of what was
  • More time for learning
  • More space for transformation
  • More time developing good habits
  • More courage to try new practices
  • More time cultivating your inner peace
  • More faith in yourself and the process

I myself have made plenty of changes over the last 6 months of 2021 and it feels so good

Don’t feel pressured to change by anyone else. Do it for you and you alone.

This is a glimpse of the things I will be including in my blog posts amongst personal bits and pieces. I’m a positive person and I love to help others too.

Til next time

H x


  1. Great message here. And sometimes, self love doesn’t need to be the pampering we think we need either. It can be forcing ourselves to exercise, and while it feels crappy in the beginning, it is a true form of self love. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. You’re welcome Stuart…exactly. Plenty of people think self love is all about face packs and bubble baths. I’ll definitely do more on self love in future posts. Thanks for stopping by. I’ve subscribed to you x


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