What do I write for my first post of the blog?

I guess i’ll just start here….

As you can tell i am a fan of the colour pink with the blog name WORDS OF A PINKAHOLIC. I love writing, whether its in its true form on paper or digitally online. It brings me so much happiness. It all started when my Mum bought me a lined notebook from tesco and a packet of bic pens. 

Wherever i went so did my notebook. 

We would go to the cafe in the school holidays and i would write a poem about one of the people behind the counter. Then i had to share it with them before i left. They loved it.

Then a trip to the hairdressers, while i was waiting for Mum to have her perm done which was about 3 hours i would have written a nice lengthy story. One i remember was about the hairdresser who got distracted easily and accidentally chopped off someone’s ear, the person didn’t mind because they said they couldn’t hear out of it anyway…thy sure couldn’t now haha.

My storytelling didn’t go unnoticed, My headteacher read my competition entry out in assembly at primary school as it won and i put my head in my hands with embarrassment as everyone clapped. The prize was 3 books of my choice from the local bookshop. I was highly delighted. Then my English teacher in year 9 read out my piece of writing we had to write which we had to use alot of adjectives. Mine was about falling off of a horse and cart into a pile of horse shit at 4 years old. I got an A for that.  Funny but more proud for the marking.

I wouldn’t say i am the best at writing as i don’t always write it as it should be, but i know what i mean and as long as the reader does and its not a professional piece i don’t think it matters.

I will leave it there. You will find out about the pinkaholic side of me as i write more blog posts.

Thanks for stopping by…

Til Next time 

H x

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